Real Life

Real Life Fantasy Football games, run over the internet, operate a scoring system reflecting real life soccer matches and the performance of the teams players. The English Premiership Football League in particular is one of the most popular.

Fantasy football competitions are a great way to enhance your enjoyment of football and many of the games provide mini leagues where you can compare your performance against your friends and workmates.

Premiership 2016/17 Fantasy Games

Name Cost Top Prize Squad Size Friends League Other Info
Daily Mail Free Match Tickets 15 Yes
Daily Mirror Free Sports Event Tour 11 Yes App (iOS/Android)
Fantasy League Classic £10-£20 £1000 16 Yes
Fantasy League Pro £27-£39 None 11-18 Private league
Premier League Free Match Tickets 15 Yes
Sky Sports Free £25000 11 Yes
Sun Dream Team Free+ £25000
If subscriber
11 Yes Free: 1 team
£7.99: 6 teams,
every 3 months
Telegraph Free+ £100 free
£50000 if paid
11 Yes £4.99 upgrade to 4 teams.
£3: 1 extra
£10: 4 extra
£20: 10 extra